Do you still have a or email?

email hasn’t been around for a long time, it is still fairly new.  The technology behind email hasn’t changed much in the years. Telus had a major email issue last week that had my ‘new’ techy gears grinding.   

First off there are email clients and webmail


Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc are online email accounts using webmail.

You sign up for a new email address with one of these. You begin sending and receiving email through webmail service by connecting to it in your browser. They are providing two things for you. The first is a web front end where you can read, organize, and compose messages. The second is a mail server back end where all the message storage and routing goes on.

Secondly, there are 3 types (major types) of email protocols.

  1. Email Clients

If you use, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird to manage your emails, you are using an email client.  You can use these email clients even with a Gmail or other webmail type of email. 

 If you’re using an email client, whether it’s to connect to a webmail provider’s server, your own mail server’s, or your company’s servers, that client will connect using one of the various email protocols like POP3, IMAP, or Exchange. So, let’s take a closer look at those.


 POP3 (Post Office Protocol)  is the one Telus had issues with last week, it is the original type of email that is still around even though our internet usage these days are way different than 30 years ago.  

POP is a VERY simple way to download copies of email for offline reading.  It is old and dated, if you use one email address on one computer only and have no email on any other device this will work fine for you.



IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) used for clients who don’t want to be tied up to one computer, one device, one email client.  IMAP stores messages on a server, when you delete, read or reply to an email it is done on the server so it shows up on any device you are using.  The problem with IMAP is usually the remote server for your email is limited in size and you could run into problems sending or receiving mail when the box is full.


Microsoft Exchange, MAPI and Exchange ActiveSync

MAPI (Messaging API) is designed for more than just email, it can include contacts, calendars, and other features.  Anyone who uses MS outlook email program knows it can do everything. All of the stuff Outlook does—emails, calendar syncing, looking up free/busy information, syncing contacts with the company, and so on—works over MAPI.


In summary, 

-If you check email from more than 1 device (computer, iPad, phone etc) make sure you are using IMAP or have a Microsoft exchange account.

-Stop using POP3 if you still are, it is dated and has current issues with major carriers.


At Isosceles we can offer you your own business class exchange email and even go as far as registering a domain for your very own email address if you are interested.  Call or email us today.