Change is inevitable, and Microsoft has changed how they sell their software.  You used to be able to go to store and get a box with a CD (way back) or a sticker (more recently) install the software on your computer and be good to go.

So why now the subscription?

An Office 365 subscription gives you all the MSapps and programs and always have the most up to date versions.  The great thing about the subscription is you have 5 licenses for up to 5 devices, you also can control the devices you have it installed on so if your old laptop finally kicks the bucket and you need a new one, you can cancel license and add to your new laptop.  This is very handy.

There are a lot of leery people who don’t want to be ‘locked’ into payments all the time but MS softens it by giving you great features.


One time purchase of Home and Business 2019-   $339.00

Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, only on one computer

-no upgrades no new features, version will expire eventually

Office 365 Business- $14.75 per month  ($177 per year)

Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Access and One Drive (online storage, 1 TB per user)

– can install on up to 5 devices

-includes latest features and updates, can install mobile versions for free


Change is hard to handle sometimes but in this new way of doing things MS is really helping you get more bang for your buck.  As a bonus to signing up through us at Isosceles, we can help you in years down the road get the old computers removed from account and make sure your new computers get the software installed as needed.  We can help you with any questions you may have about your devices.