Thinking of what new, cool, little item you can get for your techie this Christmas? We have shared some of our favorites: 

1. Introducing the Furbo Dog Camera, and wait for it, treat dispenser. This is the perfect idea for the techie that loves their dog almost as much as tech.



2. Here’s a gift which mixes old and new, the Lovebox; spinning heart messenger box. Give your special techie the Lovebox and then when you send them a special message they have to open the box to read it. 


3. Unifi Access Point- your techie getting a low signal on their favorite wifi device in a certain area in the house, maybe a UAP installed by our techs is the perfect gift.




4. Love the cinemas? Wish you could set up a pop-up cinema anywhere? Cinemood Portable Movie Theater is a cool tech toy for the movie enthusiast, now you can play a movie anywhere you want.


5.Sonos Move- new speaker from Sonos for your music tech, great sound, portable and water-resistant, also fast charging.  This speaker can be used on wifi or switch to Bluetooth if you’re away from your network.