The Cloud.


A Cloud PBX includes all the features of traditional PBX, plus all the modern VOIP features, like apps in cell phones and remote phones. For a workplace with five or less phones, a Cloud PBX system can provide the most cost-effective solution. Customization of branding on phones and unlimited phone lines, including long distance across Canada and USA are added benefits of a Cloud PBX system for your business.

Offsite Backup

Isosceles provides many different offsite backup solutions. We’re able to provide clients with expert advice on what systems, methods and vendors are best suited for their individual needs. One size fits all is not always the best solution for backups.

We provide solutions that utilize client’s own existing infrastructure through to inexpensive online vendors, backups to Isosceles’ own servers and large cloud partners.  Isosceles can provide proper systems design and consulting to make sure you have the solution that meets your needs.

The loss of data from hardware failure, human error and cyber attacks (ransomware and viruses) is one of the main issues facing businesses and home users today. Contact us today to book a consultation with one of our professionals, so we can audit your systems, and provide a proper solution tailored to your specific needs.

Hosted Exchange

Isosceles provides hosted exchange email services in partnership with one of the largest hosting providers in Canada. Exchange email from Microsoft is the gold standard in business email. The productivity and cost advantages from utilization of exchange email services are so vast that they are now a default deployment in any business.

The services we utilize are based in Canada, so your data does not cross international borders. This keeps your business safe and in compliance with privacy laws. We are also a vendor of Microsoft Office 365, providing sales and support for any services currently offered from Microsoft.

If you or your business are not taking advantage of exchange email services, call us today so we can let you know how much more productive and secure your email communications can be.