Hard working, experienced, approachable, accountable and good to work with. The team is central to everything we do at Isosceles.

Ryan Doehle
Ryan DoehleCEO
Ryan founded Isosceles in the mid 90s and is in charge of sales, systems planning and also leads on client advising and consulting.
In his spare time he enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, keeping up with the tech markets and cheering on his kids in the many sports they play.
Laurel Doehle
Laurel DoehleCFO

Laurel officially joined Isosceles in 2005 and now manages all aspects of finance and assists in operations.

When not at work she is often found taxiing kids to their sporting events, watching hockey and basketball and enjoying the great outdoors.

Jesse Mould
Jesse MouldField Service Technician

Jesse and Ryan have been friends since high school, Jesse moved back to Fernie in 2007 and joined Isosceles.

Hunting, fly fishing, quadcopters and video games keep Jesse busy when not at work.

Colton Uphill
Colton UphillField Service Technician
At some point in 2014, Colton called Ryan every day for a week and a half until he finally relented and gave him an interview. Fast forward a couple years and Colton is one of the busiest technicians at Isosceles.

Outside of work Colton goes to incredible lengths to avoid awkward small talk by doing things like camping in the woods, travelling with close friends, or doing his best Boo Radley impression.

Matthew Caravetta
Matthew CaravettaField Service Technician

Matthew joined Isosceles in the fall of 2016 after a long haul in northern Alberta. Relocating the welcoming community of Fernie was exactly what he and his fiance were looking for.

Matthew’s hobbies include spending time with his family, reading, drones, archery, and of course a little bit of video gaming!

Stan Doehle
Stan DoehleTelecommunications
Stan retired from BC Tel /Telus after 35 years and founded a leading telecommunication company 10 years ago. As the business developed and the ties with Isosceles became closer the businesses merged four years ago as part of aggressive expansion plans.

Stan enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, traveling and curling.

Nick Poirer
Nick PoirerRepair Technician
Nick was friends with Ryan at high school and reconnected to join him at Isosceles where he is now in charge of computer repairs.
Nick’s attention to detail and quality is second to none.

Outside of work Nick enjoys doing computer programming and live streaming on

Ernie Gareau
Ernie GareauTelephone Field Technician
Ernie has watched Isosceles grow and develop since day one. With experience in telephone equipment, installation and servicing. Ernie joined the business to help build capacity for the growing communications arm and provided a much needed resource.
Outside of work you’ll find Ernie watching hockey, curling, cooking or hunting.