We get asked lots of questions about #everythingIT – here are the answers to some of the most common questions. Got a question about something else? Send us an email or give us a call.

Our goal is always immediate turnaround time. It is common place for diagnostics to take place on the same day the computer is dropped off.  Repairs themselves can vary wildly, depending on the issue and whether or not any parts need to be custom ordered. Most common repairs only take a day or two.

A typical repair for us would probably be a virus cleanup. The cost can range depending on the severity from $75 up to the in-shop cap of $300 if it requires a full reinstall of the operating system.

We do. The newer models are not designed to be nearly as serviceable, so parts availability can be a hurdle.  However, we are always conscious to advise of this when the unit is brought in.

By installing the program on our “help” section, we are able to remotely take control of your PC to attempt basic troubleshooting.  It allows us to see what you see and inspect potential issues. This requires your express consent, and a few steps we walk you through for installation. Once we close a session it is gone forever. We can’t get back in unless you start another session with us.  It’s safe, secure and can be very helpful.

In the event of this, we advise you to bring your computer to us to be worked on in our shop.  If you live out of town, or don’t have easy access to transportation, we are always willing to collect it when we are in the neighbourhood.

We have two primary locations:

992B 8th Avenue in Fernie B.C (Look for the big Canadian Flag!)


#20 11th Avenue South, in Cranbrook BC. (Go Ice Go!)

There can be a multitude of reasons. To name a few:

Too many things open at once. Your computer is like your brain, overworking it at any given time can slow it down considerably. Some programs can also be more demanding than others.

Hard-drives will also slow down considerably when they are nearing full. If your hard-drive is even about 70% full, that can impact performance significantly. If you hear a ticking or skipping noise coming from your computer, this can also be a sign of a failing hard-drive.

Commonly, these are pop ups demanding your attention or money, excessive advertisements, or being redirected when you are navigating websites. Viruses as we know them have changed a lot in recent years. The most prominent ones currently want to serve you as many ads as possible, by pushing you to sites where they get revenue. The scarier ones will encrypt your files and hold them ransom until you pay for the key. This is one reason why backups are so important.

We have ways of doing this with a variety of operating systems, be they Windows or Mac. The difficulty comes from how much data has been written over the deleted things. If all else fails, we have a partnership with a company in Vancouver that specializes in it. They have a lab where they are able to recover things we couldn’t dream of. They offer a free assessment of how much it may cost. This is only required for the most extreme cases. Most of the time we can do everything in house.

A simple network is comprised of multiple devices speaking to each other in a locally created and defined path of communication. This can be accomplished by running a data wire between the devices, or using a piece of hardware that wirelessly transmits the path (WiFi).


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