How can you improve WiFi within your home or business?

We have all experienced it: the dreaded single bar in areas of our homes or businesses. If ever there was a physical representation of pending frustration, that single bar would be it. The slow, suffering experienced when pages are not loading properly, if at all, while downloads take an eternity to complete, and we can’t forget the shudder-some video buffering.

What if there was a solution? You probably wouldn’t be surprised, as that’s the root of what we at Isosceles provide, solutions!

Let’s break down the basics first:

Q: What is wireless internet?

A: Wireless internet is basically a radio signal inside your home or business that allows your handheld and other devices to communicate with your network.

Q: What causes dead or slow spots?

A: The local environment, generally. This is due to WiFi being a radio frequency, and it isn’t even strong enough to penetrate human skin! Some materials are more conducive for the signal to travel, but others, like log homes or a building constructed of concrete walls for example, can really dampen the signals strength. Range is also a factor, and the units you find in Big Box stores are not usually good for a large area.

Q: What can I do to improve the wireless at my home or business?

A: Call Isosceles! We can audit your existing networking gear and environment to determine the best options for upgrading and boosting WiFi signals.

The image above illustrates how WiFi can bounce back and fourth within a contained zone, leaving some areas with minimal to no frequency.

Isosceles deals primarily with Ubiquiti Networking gear, with Enterprise Class equipment we have found them to meet all needs handily. It has a remarkable range and programming options to meet both personal and commercial requirements. Using this equipment we are able to make changes and view alerts from our Cloud Controller at any time.

This means if there is an outage, we can determine potential causes before arriving onsite, saving you valuable downtime and money!