Microsoft hosted exchange

Hosted Exchange, what is it and why you should be using it

Email….  It’s probably the first thing you look at when you get to work and likely the last application that you close at the end of the day.

We’re all slaves to email, and these days most of us want or need to access it on demand whether we are in the office, off site at a meeting, or dare I say it, at home on an evening or at the lake on the weekend!

The traditional way of doing things

Microsoft Hosted Exchange makes all of this possible as well as syncing your contacts and calendar to a server.

Traditionally, this server has been an expensive piece of hardware that sits in a room somewhere in your place of work.  That server has needed to be configured, managed, maintained and updated by someone with IT expertise. The software needed to be updated regularly to allow for new features and reliable security.

Taking it to the cloud

In simple terms, Hosted Exchange does all of the same things and more as that expensive equipment in the IT room but better.  The server is part of the cloud and is owned and managed by a specialist partner. You connect to a server via the internet rather than connecting to a local server in the office. This means you can forget about all of the headaches, issues, and challenges associated with owning the equipment.

What does it mean to me?

Choosing Hosted Exchange provides benefits both in terms of cost and flexibility.

Firstly, there is no longer a need to invest in a server which gives an immediate and considerable cost reduction.  A cloud provider will provide the very latest in terms of server technology and security systems, all managed by a team of IT specialists ensuring that you no longer need to worry about any of that stuff.

Updates become a thing of the past and happen without you even needing to think about it.

Accessing systems in the cloud mean that the size of your business is no longer a barrier to making use of the benefits of Microsoft Exchange because the pricing structure is designed to be scalable and predictable.  Even if there are only three or four of you, Hosted Exchange is a viable option.

Data backup is another thing handled without any hassle or concern from your end as cloud providers have the most robust and reliable systems with mirrored servers so that all of your emails are saved in multiple locations and can be restored at the touch of a button.

Hosted Exchange: the benefits in a nutshell

Hosted Exchange means you can:

  • Access your email from anywhere at any time
  • Share your calendar with everyone in your organization
  • Share and synchronize contacts
  • Schedule and manage your tasks
  • Create resource mailboxes to manage conference rooms, projectors, laptops etc
  • Synchronize all mobile devices
  • Share documents, even if using public devices
  • Remotely wipe any lost or stolen device

What are you waiting for?

Take your business to new heights. With a painless migration and onboarding process, 99.999% uptime guarantee, scalability and lower IT costs, it’s a no-brainer for most organizations.

Got a question or two? Let’s chat about how cloud services can take your business to new heights.