Data Security Systems.

Data security breaches occur at companies of all sizes, but we only hear about those that take place in big business or hacks that affect members of the public. Unfortunately this means that security does not always receive the attention that it requires.

Increased connectivity, multiple system access points, and increases in data theft means that a focus on secure systems has become more important than ever before.

Security / Advanced Solutions

Isosceles offers robust security solutions for clients from all sectors with specifically designed data security plans that meet and exceed requirements.

Detailed security audits of your entire network with a focus on critical systems help assess need and allow for the design and implementation of systems and measures that match security with your operations.  

Systems can be implemented that monitor and control network access per user / group of users on your wired and wireless networks with detailed reporting. For clients with remote access requirements we offer secure remote network access through hardware / software VPN tunneling that provides a reliable and safe connection.

With many networks now including both wired and wireless access as well as connections to the internet, sometimes there are requirements for higher security installations to have separation between wired and wireless networks.  

In the unfortunate case of a security breach, Isosceles can also assist with virus and malware infection removal and system rebuild, including any required data recovery following an incident. This service is available to home users, as well as corporate or government clients.

Isosceles security systems include:

  • Server based antivirus solutions

  • Network security (wired, wireless, and internet)

  • Network security appliances

  • User group design and management

  • Secure remote access systems design and implementation

  • Virus/malware infection removal and associated data recovery

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Servers & Networking

Networking and servers are an Isosceles area of expertise.  Our team works closely with clients to provide secure server solutions that meet the needs of their organization. We offer traditional set ups with hardware installed at the client’s location supported by software and configurations to maximize security and ensure backups are set up correctly to eliminate data loss if a disaster strikes.

Cloud servers can offer another option for many clients and with the improvements in internet speed and availability this can often be a cost effective option that reduces investment in hardware and infrastructure.

Selecting the right tactics for data security is critical and Isosceles is the trusted partner to work alongside you to help ensure you make the right decisions.

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