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Over 90% of companies claim to use some form of cloud computing.

The top benefit that companies see in the cloud is the ability to cost cut.

Organizations fully utilizing cloud computing save on average more than 15 percent in IT spending

So, what is the cloud?

The cloud, short for ‘cloud computing’ provides businesses, like yours, with any IT services that are automatically provisioned and can be scaled up or down to suit a company’s specific needs.

Cloud services are managed online and are billed according to only the amount of resources used rather than using a locally based hardware infrastructure like a traditional server.



Services are guaranteed to be available at least 98% of the time, so there’s no downtime.


We abide by the highest standards to offer secure services, hosted right here in Canada.


You only pay for what you use, when you use it, so your IT costs can follow your business’s growth.

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Cloud Phones.

  • Otherwise known as Cloud PBX or hosted VoIP, cloud phones make it possible for your employees to stay reachable anytime using the same number on their connected devices
  • For a small monthly fee you gain the ability to customise and adapt your phone system as and when the needs of your business change
  • You only pay for what you actually use, and you can be up and running tomorrow
  • We make sure there’s no downtime when you make the switch to a Cloud PBX

“We only realized the problems that our old phone system had been giving us when we started using the cloud phone system. There is no more running around trying to find each other or having to get to a landline to take a call. If someone is out on the course or away from the clubhouse we can just transfer the call to their mobile device.”

Sparwood Golf Club

Hosted Exchange.

  • Access your email from anywhere at any time
  • Share your calendar with everyone in your organization
  • Share and synchronize contacts
  • Schedule and manage your tasks
  • Create resource mailboxes to manage conference rooms, projectors, laptops etc
  • Synchronize all mobile devices
  • Share documents, even if by using public devices
  • Remotely wipe any lost or stolen device

“Isosceles made all of our email headaches go away overnight.
The Hosted Exchange solution eliminated the need to invest in an expensive server with associated management costs while improving efficiency, security and functionality for our business.”

Fernie Real Estate Company

Cloud Backup.

  • Servers located in Canada
  • Backup anything with a single solution
  • Windows/Linux servers, PCs, tablets, Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and Android services
  • Pay per gigabyte and scale with your business
  • No monthly or 'per device' fee
  • Total visibility and control of your backups
  • Secure cloud storage in SOC2 Type II-compliant Tier 3+ Datacentres

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