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Cloud Phones

A flexible, cost effective phone solution for everyone

“We only realized the problems that our old phone system had been giving us when we started using the cloud phone system.  There is no more running around trying to find each other or having to get to a landline to take a call. If someone is out on the course or away from the clubhouse we can just transfer the call to their mobile device.”

Sparwood Golf Club was managing things using an old analog phone system and one cordless phone.  With staff needing to be out and about and contactable at all times things just weren’t working.


A Cloud Phone System.  Cloud phone systems are the first solution that really brings the features big businesses are used to, to smaller organizations.  It is a low cost option with no need to invest in expensive hardware, exchanges, a receptionist to transfer calls. This solution provided extension calling, smart phone apps, intercom, voicemail to email and fax integration.


Staff at the golf club are now connected wherever they are and whenever they need to be and the cost is comparable to a basic phone system.  Transfering calls to people away from the office is easy even if it is to a mobile device, voicemail can be accessed anytime anywhere and business can be easily conducted away from the office

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

The latest and greatest email solution

“Isosceles made all of our email headaches go away overnight. The Hosted Exchange solution eliminated the need to invest in an expensive server with associated management costs while improving efficiency, security and functionality for our business.”

This rapidly growing real estate business was struggling to find an email system that provided the functionality required by their team of agents and did not want to invest in a server that would result in ongoing management and maintenance costs.  They had attempted to use Google’s GSuite as a cloud solution but were struggling to integrate the system with calendar tools and their email client which was causing losses in productivity.


Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server.  The cloud based system is essentially the same as a local server based Microsoft Exchange solution but with all the additional benefits that hosting in the cloud offers.


Hosted Exchange provided an immediate cost benefit by negating the need to invest in a local server.  The system provides scalability by making it easy to add additional users. Migration was easy and occured with no downtime.  Staff can now access emails from anywhere at any time, sync calendars, manage tasks with other staff and share documents easily.  The system is updated automatically and backed up daily without the need for any staff involvement. The team can now concentrate 100% on real estate business rather than wasting time with inefficient communications.

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