Backup & Business Continuity.

Isosceles is well positioned to support businesses with a range of backup and business continuity solutions that can be specifically developed to fit with any customer’s requirements.

Data is critical to every business. The chances of a serious problem that will affect your business’s data are increasing daily. It is important to prepare and be ready for action should they arise.

Working in partnership with your team, Isosceles will ensure that a strategic recovery plan is in place to reduce any potential downtime and get operations going again quickly should disaster strike.


Backing up your business data is a key investment that could pay dividends should an unfortunate incident cause your business data to be at risk.

Isosceles can implement various solutions depending on your business needs and budget levels.  Storing your data in secure off site locations with regular back ups ensures that you will never lose important company data again.  Isosceles is a trusted partner with a proven track record of quickly getting customers up and running again following problems.

  • Onsite backups leveraging speed of backup and restoration of critical systems

  • Backups to different locations inside of your own infrastructure like: another building, office, or branch office in another city

  • Offsite backups to dedicated servers at Isosceles, your trusted IT partner

  • Offsite backups to Canadian only data centres

  • Offsite backups to bulk-sale global data centres, which are often the cheapest offsite option

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“Isosceles helped us recover overnight from an entire server systems failure. We were back up and running with our recovered data, the next day, with little to no down time. Their service team worked hard into the night, allowing us to get to work the next morning, with no interruption to our busy operations.”

Chad Jensen, New Dawn Developments
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Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery need not be a challenge if the right steps are put in place prior to anything happening.

It is recommended that a strategy to recover business data and systems is put in place when things are going as planned.  Isosceles can assist in the development of such a plan including required infrastructure, software and procedures.

Should your office suffer a disaster that affects your ability to operate because of data loss, Isosceles will quickly and efficiently restore normal business in the case of a systems failure.

  • Hardware repair

  • Backup recovery and implementation

  • System troubleshooting

  • Data recovery from corrupt devices and hardware

  • Emergency Systems replacement and temporary solutions to get online

  • Isosceles also stocks an extensive inventory of hot spares and spare parts for many of the products and services we sell

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