Thinking about a Camera System for your home or business?

Isosceles primarily supplies Axis Cameras. They have a wide range of different products from vandal resistant 4k weather proof cameras, to discreet and small 1080P indoor wall mounted cameras, to cameras with 30x zoom capabilities. Axis has two different lines that Isosceles works with: Station Cameras and Companion Cameras.

Below is a quick summary that highlights the difference between the Axis Station system and the Axis Companion systems.

  1. Axis Camera Companion is a type of basic video surveillance where video is recorded in the camera and not on any other recording device (although there are some ways that we can hook it up to a computer or other devices). This is a great solution for small businesses! It requires only the camera, the SD Card (to store recordings), the app software for computers and smartphones, and some standard networking equipment. You can access the system over internet to view live or recorded video from anywhere, at anytime. Isosceles can supply Micro SD cards that are large enough to store between 12-hour and 48-hour recordings. It will then delete the oldest footage as new recordings are made. As well, it can be set up to record all the time, or begin recording when it detects motion, the choice is yours.
IP camera ceiling

2. Axis Camera Station is a more full-bodied surveillance solution that is geared toward medium-to-large-sized businesses, but it is ideal if your looking to expand facilities or if you think you will be needing more cameras in the future. It features a complete monitoring and recording system with video recorded on a system server. It supports HDTV image quality and camera-based alarm triggers, like motion. This will store footage for a much longer time for you to be able to go back and view footage from weeks, or even months ago. Axis Station requires the purchase of a Station License for each camera that is purchased, as well as a computer or other recording device with lots of storage capabilities.

Here at Isosceles, we use an extensive Axis Camera Station system for monitoring both of our stores in Cranbrook and Fernie. It allows employees that are based out of Cranbrook to help Fernie customers from a distance. When all of our field technicians in Fernie are out on appointment and someone comes to drop off a computer for repair, we can easily assist them. They call our office, we can then see them on the cameras, then we can open up the door for them using our remote software and allow them to enter our store. From there we can help them with computer pick ups and drop offs, as well as answering any questions, booking appointments, or troubleshooting over the phone. Sometimes we notice clients arrive before they’ve even called us, and our door is already open for them.

Are you thinking about cameras for your home or business? Which system would be right for you? ASK US!