Cloud phone

3 reasons why a Cloud Phone System is right for a business in the Kootenays.

Every business, big or small, needs a reliable phone system, including yours and ours.

These days, there’s even more options that ever to choose from. That doesn’t mean it should cost an arm and a leg to get the features you need for your business. Many businesses across Canada, and further afield, are moving from a traditional phone system to a cloud-based phone system – Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP.

Without the pricey up-front infrastructure and ongoing maintenance costs, a cloud phone system, or hosted VoIP provides you with features you’d expect from a big business phone system, for a small monthly-fee.

Professionalism of a big business.

It’s a phone, you don’t need any extra features, right? Customer expectations are increasing everyday. With the internet making it easier to find your competitors than ever before, a professional image and customer experience is critical. In cloud phone system, line extensions are easy to set up so each of your employees can have their own direct phone number, whilst also linked to the central business phone number (even if they’re located across the country).

That means the call gets to the right person, every time. No more games of phone-tag, or pass-the-call. Out of the office? No problem. Calls can be forwarded to a cell so you can be working from home, picking up the kids, or on the deck at the lake and maintain that streamlined and professional experience for your customers.

A phone system that grows with your business.

Unlike traditional phone systems, which are costly to add to or change, a cloud phone system is flexible. With a self-managed dashboard, you can add or remove extensions giving you the ability to customize and adapt your phone system as and when the needs of your business change – whether it’s seasonality, or continued growth. And that means you only pay for what you actually use.

Affordability that works in with your cash flow.

Like other cloud services, such as hosted exchange or offsite backup, a cloud phone system allows you to have all the ‘big business’ features, for an on-going small monthly fee, making it ideal for a small business. With no upfront cost, and a quick set up your cloud phone system system can be up and running within a day with minimal interruptions or downtime!

Got a question or two? Let’s chat about how cloud services can take your business to new heights.