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Isoceles - computer sales award
Isosceles - computer service award

I know it’s just the first week, but I really feel we made the best decision EVER with engaging Isosceles for all of our IT needs.  I’m so incredibly pleased with your knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism Ryan!


It’s like having a car mechanic your trust. Computers are magic boxes to me. I trust Isosceles to recommend exactly what I need. Super friendly.


I’ve used Isosceles many times in the past for many different reasons. Most recently, I had a harddrive fail on me, that contained half of a year’s work. As a photographer, that means a ton of files, and valuable information. After I’d exhausted all of my techniques for data recovery, they were able to recover my data, and save me a ton of headaches, and heartache.

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Operating from a head office location in Cranbrook with a hub in Fernie, Isosceles serves the East and West Kootenays.

Isosceles is the premier IT partner in the Kootenays offering a full suite of IT solutions including network infrastructure, cloud solutions, backup and system data recovery, telecommunications, home automation, IP cameras, photocopiers, computer repair, computer sales and, computer maintenance and service.

In business since 1996, Isosceles works closely with many of the regions key businesses and municipal governments designing and activating IT solutions to help their organization run efficiently and plan for the future.


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