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ISOSCELES cameras capture meteor flash, what great quality camera. Facebook and Twitter
Feb 6, 2017
Isosceles mailing address changes, still have same locations to serve you but snail mail change needs to be noted.
Oct 21, 2016
We are proud to be awarded with the 2016 Business of the Year award from Fernie Chamber of Commerce. Thank you to our great staff and fantastic customers, what a way to celebrate 20 years!

Our Story

Isosceles began back in 1996, Ryan's love for computers and high tech combined with his strong desire to one day run his own business while not having to live in a big city, pushed his dream into a reality. Through hard work and the support of his family Isosceles has grown from a one man operation to a regional IT service provider employing several people.

Isosceles Business Systems Inc. specializes in computer retail sales, computer service and support, networking, infrastructure cabling, web design and hosting, consulting, off site backup services, IP camera systems, home audio, and home automation. We also specialize in a full suite of telecommunication services, be it older analog technologies, or modern VOIP systems.

Our Team

  • Ryan

    Ryan Doehle

    Ryan is the central hub at Isosceles. Nothing happens without him knowing about it. When he is not stressing, working late, or drowning in paperwork, he can be found washing his truck.
  • Laurel

    Laurel Doehle

    Providing all staff with their "presents" every 2 weeks is not her only job, she maintains everyone's schedule, deals with the finances and designs websites, after 3pm she turns back into a mom.
  • Jesse

    Jesse Mould

    Jesse is our in-field Computer Technician. Between running between appointments, working record overtime and butchering the English language, he can be found at the shop watching YouTube.
  • Devon

    Devon Schweitzer

    Devon is the 'new kid on the block' with the great boy band hair to prove it, he is found out in the field on occasion otherwise in the shop.
  • Colton

    Colton Uphill

    We are having trouble finding the words to describe Colton, we suggest you come on down to the shop and meet him yourself.
  • Matt

    Matt Caravetta

    One of the new guys, Matt is is full of great energy and ready to help you in any way he can.

  • Brock

    Brock Henze

    One of the new guys, Brock is our operations manager, or as we like to refer to him...Ryan 2.0.

  • Wifi


    This guy will steal your heart, still in training but we have high hopes for this little fellow.

  • Stan

    Stan Doehle

    Stan's IT career started with crank telephones and has progressed all the way to DSL circuits and beyond. Also known as the old guy, he can out talk anyone west of Toronto, or east for that matter.
  • Ernie

    Ernie Gareau

    Ernie has over 40 years in the telephone industry, from cord boards to VOIP and everything in between. When he is not on the job site, he can be found hoarding a large stash of all that old telephone stuff.